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Selangor Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2012






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Selangor is the most developed state in Malaysia, housing the largest port and airport, institutes of higher education, massive industrial output and a matured infrastructure.

Nevertheless, Selangorian are experiencing lifestyle changes due to socio-economic development, urbanization and market globalization. This has led to the prevalence of obesity and “lifestyle” related illnesses like diabetes, heart attack, cancers and ETC.

Numerous efforts and initiatives have been undertaken by the government to promote lifelong wellness and healthy lifestyle with the aims to help selangorian attain better health at the lowest cost and to reduce the disease burden.


The impact of healthy lifestyle behaviour on both consumer and society has been an issue and concern of both marketers in the health-related industries and public policy makers for long.

Healthy lifestyle promotion is associated with consistent health conscious behaviour like quitting unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and sedentary behaviours; and practicing healthy behaviours like regular exercise, healthy dietary practices, weight control, and managing stress With the themed of“ Enhanced your healthy lifestyle” Selangor Healthy Lifestyle Expo will showcase health, fitness,lifestyle and beauty products and packages from local and multi-national companies.

Various programmes such as health screenings, health talk, health seminars, beauty cosmetics demo, and appearances of healthcare specialists will be held at the expo.

This is the one stop solution for your healthy lifestyle enhancement.

Don’t miss it, from

Date : 9/11-11/11

Time :10 am- 9pm.At SACC.





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Giant Banner at the most sparkling spot at SACC
Giant Billboard along major road at SHAH ALAM  
A Guide to living a healthy lifestyle

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle? It is a way of living that allows you to enjoy more aspects of your life in a more fulfilling way. It is not just about trying to avoid one illness after another, or trying to just not feel as bad as you normally do. It is about feeling and being well physically, mentally and socially. It is about making specific choices that give you the opportunity to feel your best for as long as you can. Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying YES to life.


Selangor Healthy lifestyle Expo -  Sales Proposal

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What healthy living means

  • ‘Healthy living’ means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introducing habits that improve your health.
  • It’s about enjoying yourself without risking your health. It’s what you eat and drink; sleeping well and managing stress. It’s about practicing safe sex, drinking alcohol responsibly and not abusing drugs. It’s about being physically active and staying connected with others.
  • It’s about being aware of any health risks related to your illness and its treatment, and working with your doctor to monitor these and then take action.
  • It’s taking responsibility for your overall health including having regular check-ups for your eyes and teeth.
  • It’s about feeling fitter physically, mentally and emotionally.



        100,000  Free copies are distributed every week at train stations shopping malls,markets,mosques,churches & residences in Selangor Area













You are cordially invited to Selangor Healthy lifestyle Expo,This is an exhibition initiated by Selangor State Governmentwith the intention to spread the maximum information about the health products/services, physical fitness, healthy eating, beauty and wellness.

Up to date we had manage to invite more than 90 participants to joint our events, here we attach the latest participants list for your reference, and warmly welcome you to joint our events.


Our Valued Participants :

Stategic Partner: Oto Bodycare Sdn Bhd / Boston Group / Mitomall.com / Hala Link Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd

Gold Booth : Sunshine Touch (M)Sdn Bhd / MPI Multi-Pure / Licin Licin Enterprise / Petite Fleur (M) Sdn Bhd / Eu Yan Sang (1959) Sdn Bhd / Habe / Easydo Exclusive Sdn Bhd







Program 1     9/11    1pm-2pm  

Topic: Dietary Tips For Losing Naughty Fat   “Excessive fat is an increasing area of concern for the society nowadays. Learn and understand what “naughty fats” are, and what your dietary remedies can do to maintain your body fats. “

By:  Gurdip Kaur A/P Kuldip Singh - Nutritionist ( Beacon Hospital)


Program 2     9/11       3pm-4pm

Topic: Chronic Disease- Silent Killers   "Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are major health concerns today. Why is it important to know and how to prevent them? Get some tips and advice to stay healthy.”

By: Dr Raja Ahmad Shaharul bin Raja Abdul Malek   Family Medicine Specialist, Head of Health Screening & Wellness Centre( Beacon Hospital)


Program 3      10/11     2pm-3pm 

Topic:  "Pelvic Floor Muscles: Every Womens Secret Best Friend "Dear ladies, discover the secret to better relationship, better bladder control, and relief from back pain. Here will show you why and how the pelvic floor muscles holds the key to helping you enjoy an amazing quality of life!"

By: Puan Suhaila, - Physiotherapist ( HUKM  )


Program 4    10/11   4pm-5pm

Topic: Common foot problem Your foot type could be the cause of your feet, knee or back pain. Early detection, use of customized orthosis  and physiotherapy can help control or minimize pain so that you can continue living an active lifestyle.

By: Mr. Edmond Lee - Orthotist


Program 5     11/11   11am-5.30pm

Topic: Children Colouring and Puzzle contest    This grand colouring and puzzle contest is open for children between 5-12 years old, parents are warmly welcome for registration  from 11am -1pm. Numerous prices are waiting for you. By: Appeton


Admission Free , only for 100 seats, SMS for pre booking and enjoy a Gifts.

Step 1 : type in program no, follow with your name, IC no, HP no. and sent to  012-2159983





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