Walk The Talk 2011



主办原因 / Why We Organize?

 To create awareness among young adults to social events, especially negative news that been spreading around us such as commit suicide, robbery and others news.We aim to motivate young adults nowadays as to nurture them to have the positive view of the world and to contribute to the society。




  • 懂得运用丰富的内在资源与力量 
  • 了解自己,自信,得到喜悦 
  • 获得内心的平静和安全感 
  • 成就大我,了解人生更高的目的和终生志业



 What‘s this event about? 


  • Physical balancing and mental relaxation, release stress and negative emotions.
  • Enhance the ability of self-awareness. 
  • The wisdom to solve problems. 
  • knowing how to use the rich inner resources and strength.
  • Self understanding,self-confidence, self enjoying. 
  • Get peace of mind.
  • Understand the higher purpose of life.