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CHCC.9-4,3rd Floor,Jalan SP 2/7 Serdang Perdana,43300 Seri Kembangan,Selangor
Tel : 03-8948 8533    Fax : 03-8957 7533


Multi Mutual Resources was establish in year 2005, has successfully held a numbers of grand Cultural and artistic exhibitions. Beside of our signature events [ Tea art & cultural expo]which was continuously organize for 5years in Tropicana City Mall, and cooperate with the Selangor State Government to organize the 1st “ Selangor Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2012 “ in Shah Alam Convention Centre. we do organize Malaysia first morning tea at Taman metropolitan at kepong which attracted more than 1000 participants to enjoy the morning sun and tea testing at the garden.


Not only that, in year 2009 [Fenglei 20 international orchestra performance ] successfully invited Hong Kong, China, Singapore, The United States and Malaysia's most famous orchestras to perform in PGRM Kuala Lumpur. With the records of 2500 audience attending.

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Cooperate with China Fujian Province in year 2011 for publishing the world Hokkien Records Book “ World Min Shang”. 



In year 2011 and 2012, we do organize a talk show with the title of [Walk The Talk]. This talk show is to nurture the younger generation how to facing the difficulty.


2013  Invited Malaysia's well-known entrepreneur Dato Norman Pang, 知名艺人关德辉 & 林仁超老师




2012 Invited Malaysia's well-known entrepreneur Dato Norman Pang, 亚洲创造多项奇迹的激励奇人林金德博士(K.T.Lim)以及马来西亚知名娱乐界天王阿炳——林德荣(Jack Lim)as the speaker.




2011 Invited Malaysia's well-known entrepreneur Dato Norman Pang, Mr Owen Yap and Mr. Patrick Tan as the speaker.



We also involve in the publication of books, to date we had successfully publish

[ Tea story 1 & 2], [ Minds, Body & Soul], [The Vegetarian world],[ Little Dreamer], [ Special edition orchestra],and

[Little Philanthropist] http://www.mengxiangjia.my/


Key person: Mr. Delon Fong.

Awarded 2007 The Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards. Under the category Contribution to Children, World peace or Human Rights. In year 1998, seeing the helplessness of the single mother. Mr Delon Fong form up the Multi Mutual Charity Association with a group of volunteers to assist the single mother family by distribute monthly needed to them.

With the 14 years experience of charity work, Mr Delon Fong has learn well in organizing work.(www.mmca.org.my)



18/12/2007 房迪强荣获2007年马来西亚十大杰出青年奖,获奖项目为“世界和平、人权及孩童贡献”。这是社会给于的一项荣耀及肯定。